Arkansas Department of Education: DESE
ATLAS Summative Testing Information
Gosnell School District

What is the purpose of the ATLAS Summative tests?

Arkansas will be using the new Arkansas Teaching and Learning Assessment System (ATLAS) for the spring of 2024.  This new assessment is completely aligned to Arkansas standards, and educators from across the state have been involved throughout the entire development process.  The summative test is one measurement used as a systems check within a school district.  These assessments help inform schools how to develop programs to best meet the needs of their students. 

Students will receive Individual Student Reports in the fall of 2024.  

The Arkansas Educational Support and Accountability System (AESAS)  Act 930 § 2 of 2017, is the state law that requires the state of Arkansas to test public school students. 

How Parents Can Help

When a test is being given, you can help by making sure your child: 

  • gets plenty of sleep the night before the test
  • has breakfast on the morning of the test
  • goes to school on the day of a test
  • does not have any out-of-school appointments on the day of a test
  • knows you think he/she will do well on the tests
  • knows you understand the test is important 

To help your child learn at home: 

  • encourage your child to read and read to your child
  • be interested in your child’s daily school work
  • talk with and listen to your child daily
  • go to parent-teacher conferences and stay in regular contact with your child’s teacher
  • get to know your child’s teacher
  • remind your child that it is ok to ask questions in class
  • check frequently to ensure that your child is 
  • completing all assigned work in a timely manner 

Research shows that the earlier we measure progress toward meeting educational standards, the more we can strengthen a student’s chances to stay on target enabling him/her to succeed and be college and/or career ready upon graduating high school. These assessments ensure that all students in Arkansas public schools have an equal opportunity to demonstrate grade-level and subject area academic proficiency through the application of knowledge and skills in the core academic subjects consistent with state academic standards, and performance standards.